6 Considerations To Make when Choosing An Attractive Centerpiece For Any Event


Event planning is all centered on beauty and comfort.  When hosting any type of event décor is among the top most important parts to work on. The theme is something that is more impressed to ensure colors coordinate and flow giving an attractive look.  
Flowers too are a big part of the décor as they bring major impact in all kind of events. It is therefore important to pick the right flowers based on the season, location, event as well as other vital details. The seating arrangement and the table setting are small details that go a long way.  
Events planners are always keen on the details of the table settings.  The centerpiece is an important item that though small brings a liveliness in the event.   
How do you choose the right centerpiece for your event?

1.The centerpiece needs your effort and time!  You have to have the event at heart to understand the importance of such a tiny piece that is a big deal.  There are a few considerations to make when choosing the right kind of a centerpiece.  They are:

2.Venue – You need to understand what the venue allows before you can bring in the centerpieces.  Checking and understanding the limitations helps you understand what kind of centerpieces to bring. Some venues do not like live flowers because the cleanup is done after that, so follow keenly what the venue allows and work with that.

3.Budget – You may want a million dollar centerpiece but the budget you have does not allow you to afford it. The best way to get a rough idea of your budget is to know how many numbers of guest you have and how many tables will be needed.  Then the number of tables will direct you on how much to spend per each.  Then you can go ahead and get wild with ideas that fit your budget.

4.The kind of tables you have – Event planners advises on the use of every kind of table. Each table shape can be dressed differently and should be a huge determinant of what kind of centerpiece you will use. A roundtable attracts around to look from all directions, therefore, use a centerpiece that attracts every end. The color theme should really be considered when working on the centerpiece so that it does not stand out in the wrong way.

5.The capacity of the table – A table can only hold this much and no more.  The table’s size should determine the size of the centerpiece to endow it with.  A small table with a big centerpiece limits people from the use of the space available.  If the tables are too small for the centerpiece then do not use these pieces there save them for the tables not used for serving people.

6.Consider the lighting – The lighting of the event should be a consideration when thinking of the centerpiece.  If the event is dimly lit, you can consider adding scented or non-scented candles on the tables as the centerpieces. Poorly lit rooms should be a chance for you to use bright warm colors as centerpieces.

Now that you have ideas on how to work with the centerpieces, have fun with your event planning!